Blog #3 Secrecy

[Eliminate introduction and apply insights to the story.] The video of revelation and secrets explained why secrets are important in terms of privacy. The bonds that links lies and secrets [sentence fragment]. Also, it talks about of how when we get a hold of a secret, we get control and we are supposed to feel power. Lastly, the dangers of secrets and principles of confidentiality.

It was the night I received my Associates Degree that I found out my dad was having an affair with some other woman, worst night of my life. After that [comma] I could not see my dad the same way, [period mark] I did not want to have a conversation with him and even worst [worse] [comma] I did not want to sit on the table with him, [period mark] his presence just annoyed and aggravated me. [Organize your writing: new idea, new paragraph.] My mom asked me to not tell anything to my little brother or to anyone and [comma]even today after so many years where everything is back to normal and we are back at being a normal family [redundant] [comma] I have not open my mouth. This is related to a principle of confidentiality called prima facie duty since I did not break that pledge of confidentiality with my mom and display the loyalty I have towards her [good insight].

In the video is mentioned that when you get hold of a secret we have control and a desire to feel superior; that was not my case, it was guilt and sadness. My brother was in China and he had the right to know what was going on as well as my family but I could not break my mom’s heart by making everything worst. Also, at that point [comma] my dad and my brother were having a great father-son relationship and I could not hurt that either. [Relate your feelings and insights to the readings. Did people make appeals based on ethos (your sense of honor, loyalty or justice) or pathos (feelings)? Did you carry a burden the way that Edward Snowden said he did?]

I was nurturing the growth of lies by lying to him every time he would call and by pretending everything was all right when it really was not. In Addition, I was doing something irrational to my best friend, since I have never lied to him before. Furthermore, this links to the bond of lies and secrets, where a secret guard a lie and lies are used to protects secrets [good insight].

“Secrecy=intentional concealment and that overlaps with privacy”, [period mark] I related to this because it was my mom’s secret but it was also my dad’s, and I in some way I was protecting him, his name, and all aspects of his identity in the eyes of my brother and my family [good insight].

As my conclusion, maybe and we are not lovers of lies, and we do not think that by having a secret lying will be necessary, but we are going to get to a point in our lives where [missing word or words] are going have secret, and in order to keep confidential and to protect it we are going to have to lie [Relate the insights to the readings and lectures.].



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