Whatever You Hide, Eventually Comes to Light

During the course of high school, new relationships begin to form. One begins to experience and witness new things. Drama is practically inevitable. My senior year of high school I began dating a boy that I thought at the time would be my prince charming. I was very naïve and very innocent, not to mention young. I looked for the best in others regardless of what I saw. I had witnessed him cheat on every single girl he had dated up until me. Yet somehow I still thought he would treat me differently. During the course of our brief relationship I befriended his best friend, lets call him Mike. We got along great and Mike became someone I could always count on. He had just broken up with his girlfriend of 4 years because of her promiscuous ways with other guys. A few weeks after their break up, one of my friends called me in the middle of the night to tell me that my boyfriend at the time had hooked up with Mike’s girlfriend.

At the time I wanted to confront my boyfriend and tell Mike what I had just found out. I didn’t want to hurt Mike and I had promised not to tell anyone what I had just found out. I didn’t want him to feel the way I felt. I wanted to spare his feelings of knowing that his best friend could actually do that to him. I swore not to tell anyone or even confront my boyfriend about the hook up. The only thing I did was break up with my boyfriend and try to steer Mike away from that girl and my ex. I saw how hurt he was. I saw how much he cared about her. Every time I saw him I wanted to blurt out what those two had done to us but saw it best for everyone to keep it hidden. Secrecy can eat at you. I felt like I was exploding. Everyone around me wanted to find out what had happened and who cheated with who. The rumors got so wild that they even claimed that Mike and I had something behind the other twos backs.

Drama is everything in high school OH YES. and even people that you don’t know are trying to get into your business. My friend that had told me about the cheating couldn’t keep the secret she was trusted with and passed it on to me. Now I was trusted with that secret. Did I feel empowered? Now that I look back at it yes. I controlled the situation in a way that others wouldn’t find out, and my friend wouldn’t be even more hurt. Lies, secrecy and confidentiality can empower those that seek to choose those paths.  GOOD. NOW MENTION BLEVENS. However so much of it can push the person to eventually explode. Mikes ex eventually confessed and so did mine. One way or another the truth comes out.


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