Secrets/Revelations Blog Post

While in high school, one of my best friends became involved with a boy from our graduating class WHOM she had been friends with since middle school. I was so happy for them but I remember her twin sister being keenly skeptical about it because he had just gotten out of an on and off relationship. After a few months, things took a turn for the worse and I was faced with having to keep a secret from my best friend’s family. The boy had manipulated my best friend all along. He took advantage of her in the worse way and made her believe he cared for her, when in truth he did not. His cruel motive was to make his ex-girlfriend jealous, in hopes that him “being with someone else” would lure her back (which it did, and they are still together). Through it all, my best friend masked her feelings of heartache and humiliation because she did not want her family to know about the boy’s wrongful doings and the damaging effect it had on her. Out of paranoia, she developed slight anxiety and avoided most social media (she still does to this day) so as to not encounter anything relating the boy and his girlfriend.

My best friend asked me not to share anything about that happened between them or the degree to which it affected her. The only ones that knew about how the boy had taken advantage of her was myself and her twin sister. She is rather close to her family; therefore, I was surprised that she did not want them to know. Though I was worried about her, I pledged to keep this situation a secret. The experience was cumbersome for us that knew the secret. I frequented the twins’ house often and I recall their mother and father’s suspicions since they had noticed a change of character in my friend; she was often on edge and sullen. Worried, their Mother questioned whether I knew what was going on. Their father even asked me if I knew anything of the boy and if something had happened between them. This persisted for quite some time. I felt guilty acting clueless each time they asked because I knew they simply wanted to console their daughter.

Looking back at this situation, I see how secrecy, to lying and confidentiality converged. MENTION BLEVENS .It all began with the boy’s hurtful and selfish intentions that he kept secret. He then weaved lies that portrayed the idea that he was sincerely enamored. Once everything went downhill, my best friend’s attempt to hide the situation and keep it from her family resulted in secrecy. Her confiding in me and her twin and us agreeing to keep the secret was an act of confidentiality. I lied when I was evading their parent’s probes. It is astonishing how much weight this scenario placed on my friend and her confidantes. The simple act from the boy became a complex web of secrecy, lying and confidentiality.



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