Secrets are better kept unspoken

I’ve got a secret, can you keep it? These words are often associated whenever private information is about to be said. Some people have even gone to jail for keeping secrets, which is brave. With my firsthand experience of keeping secrets, sometimes the choice to expose them is always the better alternative.

Growing up, we’re taught that little white lies are okay since they never truly hurt anybody. But when you’re in the pre-teen years, things get a little foggy in the idea of white lies. In middle school, I had my friends but then I had my very close little group of best friends. We were awkward youngsters who had nothing better to do but gossip about other awkward teenagers and watch vampire movies. It seemed like out of the four of us, I was the one who kept everybody’s secret even if it happened to be something very small as in they broke a vase or something in that nature.

Sometime towards the end of the summer when I was twelve years ago, a friend of mine confessed to me that she had a rare form of cancer called Bowen’s disease and nobody knew, not even her grandmother. I should’ve known better at the time but I was only a kid, I didn’t. In her words, the doctors stated there was a good chance she’d be able to live. So for two and a half years, I kept this secret from our friends and even family members. This person had even dropped out of our writing club in order to do chemotherapy after school. The reason she gave to everybody else was because her mother had placed her in soccer in order to get more exercise while I knew she was somewhere in Kendall hospital getting chemotherapy.

For two months she kept me in the loop about how her recovery was going, how her doctor were amazed at how fact her illness was going away. Yet she didn’t lose weight or her hair, she remained the same. However I somehow completely forgot about the topic until just about the time we were in our freshmen year of high school and I had reread a couple of our old text messages. That weekend we had planned to meet up at the movies and have dinner but instead, I had asked her about the cancer right in front of her mother. Everything got pretty ugly after that, as you can imagine.

We haven’t spoken since that day but truthfully; I wouldn’t want a friend like that. Although I was young and native, the experience of having a friend pretending to be ill was exhausting and right down insane. I was worried for her health, I was worried about what might happen if she passed away then what could I do? I kept this huge secret from everybody, believing that a good friend of mine was about to die when in truth; she lied in my face about it.TIE THESE IDEAS BACK TO ELEVENS.



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