We decided to keep it a secret.

Cari and I worked together, so when we finally decided to become a couple, we made a promise to keep our relationship a secret from everyone else. We wanted to keep our relationship private as to not have anybody intruding. Keeping a secret such as a relationship was exhilarating since we had to act to act differently at work than how we usually are outside of work. And we definitely wanted to keep it a secret from the store manager because we didn’t want for the store manager to change the schedules and keep us away from each other.

Every time I would come into work I’d say hi to her with a wave and a smile. This differs from when we would see each other outside of work our interactions were more intimate. Keeping the secret had its drawbacks. If a customer came in and started flirting with Cari, I had to keep my cool. And whenever the guys at work talked about their girlfriends or people they were seeing, I wouldn’t say too much in fear of being caught. I just loved the fact that only her and I knew about the relationship it was our secret and it made it feel special. No one else was involved or bothered us with questions. This went on for some time, whenever I would get asked how my weekend went I’d come up with an excuse I had already prepared.

There were times where the guys at work would say how attractive she is and I would be there being smug about the whole situation knowing she was my girlfriend. That feeling of being a part of a secret, made me feel important.

We had to uphold its secrecy, especially when we wanted to go on breaks together. Whenever my shift would end her break started so we usually went to go eat together. One time the manager wasn’t letting her leave yet so she kept insisting as to not make me wait too long. Once she was finally let go she came back a few minutes late due to us not being aware of the time. He asked her where she was, and she lied saying the line was too long. She had to lie to not get any of us in trouble.

We did have those who were trying to solve the secret that we were together. Some would point blank ask her or me if we were together. Others would ask through social media if what we posted online sparked something in their minds. We wanted to keep this secret between us as long as possible. It was our own, and nobody could be a part of in any way.

In the end, we ended up telling our coworkers about our relationship, but it turns out everyone had known all along. We weren’t the best at keeping secrets.




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