In October of this past year, I heard a loud and continuous knock on the door to my dorm room. It was around six o’clock in the morning; about thirty minutes before I had to wake up for beach volleyball workouts. I looked at my phone and realized that I had a missed call and three texts from my very close friend and teammate-we’ll call her Cindy. The texts read “I need to talk to you,” “Kenz,” and “I’m at your door.” I got up and opened the door to see her standing in “going out” clothes holding her heals in her hand. She was sobbing and her black mascara tears were staining her skin from her cheeks to her collarbone. Panicked, I told her to come in and demanded she tell me if she was okay or not. She said nothing “that bad” had happened. She told me “You can’t tell anyone.” Right away, I told her to be more quiet because my other three roommates who are also on the team would hear her. She said then, “I cheated on him, Kenzie.” Now, hearing this automatically makes a person think, “Oh, just some stupid girl drama.” However, Cindy’s boyfriend was extremely controlling-to the point where she had to purchase a new cellphone because he had hacked hers to see her location and text messages. The whole team hated him, but especially me. Cindy is my best friend. I’d tried probably over one hundred times to get her to leave him. I’d even spoken to her parents who were also concerned. This was no “stupid girl drama.”  Cindy told me everything that had happened. She thought her boyfriend was going to find out. She was drunk and had gone out with other friends that night. We sat in my bed delating texts, removing her phone battery and sim card, and restarting her phone. I told her that she needed to tell the police because of how impulsive her boyfriend had always been. She agreed that she would tell someone but made me promise that I wouldn’t. During the later hours of the day, my teammates/roommates continued to ask me what had happened. All of the, are older than I am, so I thought about asking their advice, as this could be a potentially dangerous situation for Cindy. I didn’t, though. I had a secret to keep. They heard her crying and knocking at our door in the morning. They made it seem like it was crucial that I tell them what had happened. The next day, a few of us were in Cindy’s room doing nothing. We heard a knock and I said “Look through the peephole.” Thinking it was one of her roommates, Cindy just swung open the door. There was the boyfriend. He seemed angry but also seemed like he wanted to talk. Cindy immediately started to push the door shut, which clearly ade him angry. I started to help push the door while another teammate called the cops. The boyfriend was climbing over us and punching the wall. The cops came very quickly and took him away. I know now that I could have easily prevented this by telling someone older than me or by telling my coach. None of it would have happened. To this day, I still feel regretful about the secret I promised to keep.



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