“The Balance of Concealment and Revelation” helps us understand the importance of privacy, keeping a distance and protecting ourselves against ridicule is why many of us keep secrets. We use lies to keep our secrets from wanting other to find out our secrets. Secrecy guards lies, every lie that we tell we have to justify so that other believe our lies. There are cases where we use lies to invade others secrets, keeping a secret does not require justification. Secrecy is the how we protect ourselves from giving anyone enough to invade our space. DON’T MERELY REPEAT WHAT’S IN THE LECTURE. ENGAGE THESE IDEAS. HOW DO THEY INFORM YOUR CONCLUSIONS?

Children often don’t fully understand right from wrong, grow up causally telling lies or keeping secrets just because it’s easy. I remember growing up with my siblings, keeping secrets and lying all the time. As a child it didn’t seem as if it was a problem, lying as a child is frequently seen as completely different than lying as an adult. At the age of 7, I recall many times when I lied to my parents and got away with it for a couple of days. It was such a relief after I lied, they believed me.

My parents would tell me not to sleep with gum in my mouth because it would end up in my hair. I was stubborn and refused to listen and woke up one morning to find gum in my hair. I knew that I wouldn’t tell my parents so I had to figure out what to do to avoid any consequences. I became so scared, I didn’t know what to do and I decided to cut the gum out. They asked me about it and I made up a lie that they actually believed making me feel unstoppable and safe, it was a bursting feeling of relief. Unsurprisingly I did eventually get caught and got in so much trouble as a result, which made me feel bad, but not necessarily about lying, instead for getting caught and having to deal with my punishment.

As a kid it was easy to lie that I never experienced a negative emotion. It was a great feeling to lie and get away with it. As I got older I became aware of the negatives of lying and felt guilty if I lied. In high school, report cards came out and my brother received an “F.” He wanted me to hide my report card so my parents would believe that grades had not come out, I agreed and kept telling my parents that grades were not out until the following week. I was nervous and frightened that my parents would find out, the guilt would fill my head and drive me insane. My guilt became unbearable I could not sleep and everything made me paranoid, I could not handle it. I cried to my brother hoping he would finally tell my parents, but he didn’t care. My parents later found out, and of course I got in just as much trouble as he did for not telling them the truth.



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