Lying is probably one of the worst actions humans can do to one another. From a young age a motto repeated to me, after a news story broke of a politician caught in a scandal, or some secret was exposed, was “liars are the scum of Earth, like pedophiles”. To a young girl there was no boogie man like a pedophile, no ghost or monster hiding under the bed could compare. Being on the same level of horrifying and likened to the scum of earth was neither empowering nor enjoyable. Rather it was sobering to see how easily people believed in your words; it was amazing to see someone simple trust what was said and take truth for granted.

After deflecting for someone to help keep their affair confidential, the person in question repeatedly had affairs with other people. To what extent, I do not know and frankly I do not care to know. The less I know the less guilt I feel when I see their significant other. Aside from asking once in passing about a certain night their significant other, never tried to penetrate the secrete. Till this day, I’m still unsure if they know about the affairs. The guilt I feel towards the significant other is nothing compared to what compels me to deflect and keep the person in question’s affairs confidential; the relationship between them and I, compel me to refrain from telling the truth. HOW IS THE BLEVENS LECTURE RELEVANT? The secret affairs empower them and I can see it in their confidence after every rendezvous, the guilt and disgust of how easy it is gives me mixed feelings. On one hand, I’m amazed by how the truth can be taken for granted, on the other I’m disgusted by my own motives to keep their affair confidential.

I know that if the affairs were ever discovered, I would be blamed almost as much as the person in question. To the significant other I am almost a guilty as them. But this makes me question their hypothetical anger. Am I to blame as much as the person in question? Even when I’m compelled to keep their secret due to the nature of their relationship with me. Am I guilty for doing what is right between them and I?



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