Lying (Diana Resendiz)

When I was younger my whole family were Jehovah Witnesses. They were the biggest believers they held a high title in the congregation. RUN-ON SENTENCE. I would have to lie to them every year when we had birthday parties. Since they don’t believe in celebrating any holiday besides baby showers and weddings, we had to pretend to not celebrate anything. Not only did I have to lie about birthday parties I also had to lie about watching movies with any sort of magic since they also didn’t believe in magic or witchcraft anything that isn’t considered normal.

Nobody really tried to penetrate the secret it was known in my house that the rest of the family couldn’t find out about our parties or the movies we watched. My parents didn’t let us celebrate anything until a couple years ago. It was very new and we made sure to keep from uploading anything to social media so the rest of the family wouldn’t figure out what we were doing.

Hiding secrets from my family are hard because since mostly everybody knows my family it would eventually leak. As a kid, I went to school with a couple of my cousins and we had the mutual friend and everyone knew that I loved Harry Potter. At the time, Harry Potter was still big and they were still releasing movies and I would attend the showings with my dad. I would talk about it with my friends and it eventually made it to my cousins and they would ask me and I would have to pretend like they are crazy.

Lying is hard and it takes many factors and you have to make sure you remember what you said and who you said it to.  Lying is a very stressful thing to do and it sucks when you have to do it to your own family about something that I do love. GOOD. CITE BLEVENS TO SUPPORT YOUR CONCLUSIONS. There is a lot of layers and steps that are a part of lying. Lying seems easy but in reality, it is very complicated and it takes time and a lot of thought. The world has a lot of secrets and just thinking how hard it was for me to figure out how to keep a secret from my family how hard it is for the government or other people to keep more serious secrets.



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