I’ve got a secret – R. Penn

Growing up with my older brother compelled me to lie to keep tons of secrets. Withholding these secrets, saved him from the one thing we were all terrified of as kids, which was licks or what we would call an “ass whopping”.  He would always do things that were in appropriate and drag me into the mix to cover up for him and as a little sister, what else could you do but be a shield of protection for your bigger brother. There was this one incident that took place on my mother’s job. Located on her job were some model vehicles and bikes that belonged to one of the employees, rather yet the boss. Being the inquisitive individual my brother was, lead him straight to the models to see how they looked. He began to play with the models and completely broke two of them. These are models that have been show cased for years, never been touched, never been played with, but now he has two of them completely broken into pieces.

My brother was so terrified of telling my mom the truth; fearing that he would get her fired; WRONG PUNCTUATION. he decided to come up with a lie and drag me into upholding that lie. ALLUDE TO BLEVENS. With both of us having the same story to tell when we were questioned, allowed him to get off scot free. Through this situation, I felt very empowered. If he didn’t allow me to have my way during certain circumstances, I would always give him that lovely reminder of those models and of course that did the trick and I got my way. It came to a point where he would ensure that he didn’t do anything to make me furious, so this secret could be kept “forever” according to him.  

Months have gone by and my mom would randomly question us at separate times to obtain the truth, hence, she thought we were dishonest to protect each other. She was basically trying to breach the secret she assumed we were keeping. This would continue for a few more months until she eventually gave up. Deep down inside I felt like I needed to tell her the truth so her conscious may be clear and because she was my mom. Yet on the other hand, I felt like I couldn’t let my big brother down and broke his secret. This incident haunted me for weeks, knowing that if my mom found out the truth, neither of us would be saved from those painful “ass whooping”.

Confidentiality, secrecy, and lying all played a role in this incident. The relationship between my brother and I caused this incident to be confidential. Therefore, no one outside the secret that was exchanged between us in confidence, could compel the information. The actual truth behind this incident was like a pledge of secrecy amongst ourselves, where this secret had to be kept. This secrecy was like a mutual promise between my brother and I. With the random questions my mom would ask, made us aware of her feeling towards us and the incident, the feeling that we were both lying. ALLUDE TO BLEVENS.




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