I’ve got a secret assignment

Lies come with a negative connotation, but can attest to expressions of love and loyalty. Throughout our lives, we are no more loving and loyal than to those in our family. THAT’S NOT TRUE. WHO IS THIS “WE”? A personal experience that comes to mind is when one of my siblings came to me with a secret that she only trusted me to keep. At this point I knew my sister chose me to take on a difficult task that she felt only I could handle. And, at that moment, I was proud to be her sister.

One night after school, I was preparing my dinner in the kitchen when my sister walked in with an apprehensive look on her face. Immediately I was concerned and asked her what was on her mind. She then asked me if I could keep a secret. Part of me was nervous and the other was somewhat excited to hear about what was going to come out of her mouth next. I continued and said “of course!” and then she broke the news to me.

She told me she was in love with her best friend, and that to me did not seem like a deep secret as to what I was expecting to hear. I ran through the list of guys that she could have considered her best friend, but none of them could be classified as a “best friend”. Then, like a strike of lightning, I immediately knew she was in love with her girlfriend, Kerly.

I was utterly in shock by the news. She then told me I couldn’t tell anyone, especially my mom and dad. Our family had a religious upbringing, and by telling them this secret, she knew they wouldn’t be accepting of the change in her aspect of identify. After months of keeping the secret from just about everyone I knew, my mother approached me. She asked me if I thought there was anything fishy about how much time was spent between Kerly and my sister.

Having to lie to my mom made me feel guilty and stressed, and in some way my loyalty for my sister made me feel less loyal to my mother. I knew the importance of keeping my sisters secret would hurt my sister if my mother found out through me, but would hurt my mother if she found out I had lied to her. The lies kept stacking up as my mom got deeper into questioning me, but I knew by doing so I was protecting my sister from ridicule. HOW DOES THE BLEVENS LECTURE FRAME THESE CONCLUSIONS?

This secret forced me to lie and the lie protected the secret that my sister wanted to keep confidential. Therefore, they are all interconnected and one cannot exist without the other. BLEVENS During the period prior to the lie, I felt my expression of love and loyalty to my sister would come without consequence, but in order to keep the confidentiality I had to sacrifice the love and loyalty to my mother. The pain that comes with the lie is what provides it with a negative connotation.



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