I’ve Got a Secret

A good friend of mine struggled with depression throughout high school, but was usually able to control it and carry on with her day. Fast forward to senior year and she could not take the pressure and would come to school less and less. It came to the point where if she came twice in a week that would be a lot. The reason she would not come to school was because her depression had gotten significantly worse, but more so that she thought people wouldn’t understand her or what she was going through and would ridicule her or say she is exaggerating. This ties in with the video, where it states that privacy is important because it protects against scorn/ridicule. By staying home, she kept herself at a distance from people who might potentially mock her for her depression.

When she confided in me that she was chronically depressed and was going to be voluntarily hospitalized, she told me to not tell anyone because she felt embarrassed. Seeing that it is not my place to be telling people her business, I agreed to keep her secret. But as the days went on, more friends, students and even teachers began to wonder where she was and of course they would come to me. Unable to disclose her whereabouts, I would have to lie, but as the days went on there were only so many lies I could tell until people started to catch on and now were upset at me for not telling them the real reason she wasn’t at school.

As it said in the video, the outsider’s (students) meaning for knowing was based on curiosity and their desire to know. By keeping her secret my reputation was being put in jeopardy. However, I couldn’t break my promise to her because I knew under her circumstances it would make things worse for her health and she wouldn’t trust me. I was not empowered whatsoever with this secret and it came to a point where I felt it was a burden and the only way she was empowered was because she didn’t have to face the questioning that I did. I was either stuck with her secret or stuck with everyone else thinking I was a liar because of her secret.

The video discussed bonds that linked lying and secrecy, and in my case lies were used to guard my friend’s secret. I never told anyone where she was and when she returned to school, she let everyone know what was going on. People were understanding as to why I was lying and I was able to not only keep her secret but her trust; I displayed loyalty to my friend. However, now I know that getting involved in secrecy can lead to unwanted stress.




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