I’ve Got a Secret

I had been very close friends with two people since I started pre-k. As we grew up the two friends grew to like each other in high school and continued dating for 5 years. Their love was clear and real and I always admired and supported their relationship. One night I went out with the guy half of the relationship and the night took a turn for the worst. We were out with a bunch of other school friends and I looked his way and he was with another girl, I had no idea what to do. He was my best friend for over 10 years as was his girlfriend, which put me in a horrible situation. I knew it would kill her to know about this but, I knew it would kill him to lose her too. Neither of them would be happy losing each other and I certainly did not want to be the reason for both their sadness.

The morning after he confronted me sincerely that it was an alcohol induced mistake and that he would never had done it sober and made clear his deep love for his girlfriend. Eventually after a lot of thinking, horribly enough I decided never to speak to my girl friend about what had happened. She never questioned the night nor did he bring it up again. I was filled with guilt knowing that I knew it happened and I still feel guilt because I never told her. I figured if they were not meant to be it would end regardless, but I really did hope in my heart that it was just a one time mistake. They continued happily dating for four years and they experienced many beautiful memories over those four years and he never made the mistake he made that night again.

The relationship eventually ended because of a reason unrelated to me keeping what happened that night a secret. Had I shared what happened that night I would have potentially lost two of my best friends and ruined a beautiful relationship. To this day I still feel guilty about it, but I do not regret keeping the secret to myself. Sometimes secrets must be kept in order to protect people and that was definitely the case in what happened that night. YOU SHOULD’VE BEGUN WITH THIS IDEA AS A THESIS, THEN USED BLEVENS’ LECTURE TO SUPPORT IT.


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