I’ve got a secret

A secret that I had to keep from a certain friend to not hurt her feelings was that our best friend was going through a hard time in her life and she did not want anyone to know. I made sure that know one would think she was having a bad day due to me making sure she was always happy and laughing. I am a very positive person so to make sure my friend was not having a bad time in her life due to a family member that had just passed away I made sure to always be by her side. I am a person that is good to have around for advice and to listen to your problems. I tried to always make the bright side of everything because did not want her to be more down or depressed then she already was.

A death in a family is very hard and at first it was difficult to not tell any of my other friends why I was hanging out with her so much but towards the end people stopped worrying. She became very distant with a few of her close friends so I tried to take her out and help her not forget but lighten the blow of the death. Throughout the whole secret I was fine because even though I could not tell anyone about it, I was able to make my friend happy and for her to know that she can always trust me. The only people I told because they were just really worried at first were my parents and boyfriend at the time.

I know secrets are not the best thing to have but in some cases it is important to not hurt someone or exploit to everyone something that a certain person does not want people to know. I have learned that people are pretty nosey because many people were asking why is she hanging out with you a lot and not with other people. People cope with death in other ways and her way was to keep it a secret and just confide in me about the situation. Our relationship got closer because before this tragic event happened we had grown apart a bit due to me playing very involved in school and sports while she got involved in becoming a singer/cheerleader. HOW DOES BLEVENS ADDRESS THIS POINT ?Keeping secrets for family members and friends is something I am very good at because I know what to or not to say when I am around people.



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