I’ve got a secret

There are always moments in your life where you try to protect the people you love. I found myself in an uncomfortable situation where I had to lie to my best friend Katy. I am very close to Katy’s family; I’d go over for Sunday brunch and would sometimes take care of their pets while they were on vacation. I was their adoptive daughter they never had.

One day I was invited to go out on the boat with my brother and his friends. It was a beautiful sunny Saturday out on the sandbar and throughout the day more and more boats anchored filling up any available space. As I was walking to go meet up with friends, I noticed that Katy’s boat was at the sandbar, I found it strange that she didn’t mention to me that she was going out on the boat that day. As I got closer to the boat I noticed that it was her dad and some other lady I had never seen before. I couldn’t help but stare and watch as my friend’s dad who is still married groping and kissing this random women.

I was stuck between a rock and a hard place; this went further than just my friendship with Katy because before I was able to get back to my boat, Katy’s father spotted me in the water. We made eye contact; I got nervous and just turned around and went back to my boat. I got home later than night and was uncomfortable, I didn’t know if telling Katy what I saw was the best things to do. She called me the next day and asked me how my boat day went, my heart sank into my stomach and I got all frazzled. I didn’t want to lie to my best friend but I also didn’t want to break up their family. I know what I saw and Katy’s dad knows it too. Katy’s father never came up to me and asked me to keep this a secret but I knew that saying anything would of just created a larger issue.

Everyone has the right to privacy but if you want to keep something secret then you shouldn’t display it in public. I felt as though Katy’s father had the upper hand in this situation, it was as if he knew I wasn’t going to say anything to jeopardize my friendship with his daughter. I felt a large sense of guilt for a long time knowing that I saw my best friends dad with another women. I found it hard to go over her house and have her mother cook for me so I tried my best to say clear of Katy’s home. I’ll never forget the day when Katy told me her parents where getting a divorce. I felt a weird sense of relief about what had known for so long. HOW DOES BLEVENS ADDRESS THIS IDEA? I was lying to a friend to protect our friendship but at the same time I was covering up for her father indiscretions. I couldn’t help but smile internally knowing that this situation had resolved itself and without any assistance from myself. Keeping this situation a secret was going to benefit all parties involved and prevent me from loosing a friend. I have never mentioned anything to Katy and it has been over 7 years now. Holding on to this secret has been one of the hardest things I have ever had to do but I love my friend enough to endure it. YES, BUT HOW DOES THIS BLEVENS’ LECTURE SUPPORT OR REFUTE THIS CONCLUSION? YOU’VE SUBMITTED A DIARY ENTRY. 


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