Assignment 6: Reina Wright

My situation I remember where I felt compelled to lie I was protecting my coworker. I was working in a spa back home in Orlando as the front desk receptionist. I was in control of phone calls, booking appointments, checking in and out guests and more. I was very close to many of my co-workers, it was a great atmosphere to work in. I worked there for 2 years.

One co-worker in particular I was really close to out of the rest of them; we clicked and became friends. He would always do my hair for free, whether it was a cut, color or style. I was so grateful for him because these services are expensive and he was kind enough not to charge me. There was a few times he had some family members scheduled on the books and he would tell me to delete the appointment from the books after so they wouldn’t have to pay. Obviously, this was wrong but I felt compelled to do it because it was for his family and he told me to. I felt like I didn’t have a choice in the moment.My manager would ask me what happened to that appointment and I would have to tell her they never showed up.

In this situation, I felt compelled to lie for my co-worker because he was a good friend that would also help me out and he didn’t have bad intentions. I wanted to protect him from getting in trouble or possibly getting fired because I promised him confidentiality. The situation empowered me because I had the authority to change the scheduled appointments on the books, I was the one that had to cover for him and lie as to why the appointment wasn’t there anymore. From what I witnessed most of the other co-workers knew his family members would come in occasionally and they didn’t mind. Because whether or not his family members paid or not it didn’t affect their money, it affected my co-worker’s.Therefore there wasn’t anyone that tried to penetrate the secret.

This situation made me feel discomfort for many reasons, it was out of my character and tested my integrity. I was caught in the middle of doing what’s right or protecting my friend. GOOD — MENTION BLEVENS. The right thing would of been to say sorry I can’t do that because deleting an appointment that actually did show up would get me in trouble not him. Also, when I had the chance to tell the truth to my manager I should’ve done that, so I wouldn’t be put in that type of situation anymore.Looking back on this situation I wouldn’t do that again because at the end of the day that makes me look bad and it was out of my character.


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