News Blackout


For the past 48 hours, I have put myself in a complete media blackout. I typically am alone most of the time in my apartment but I always had the internet and television with me. I actually like being alone but without the internet it does tend to get a bit maddening. I do not use social media but I tend to read what other people right [SP: write] on different forums and they could write about what is going on in the news. I felt a bit anxious for the moment but I take medication for that anyway so I cannot really tell if it’s from the experience or not. [How do these insights relate to the points that Deresiewicz raises in his essay?] 

The most social interactions I get is from playing games with multiplayer interactions. Since I did not have access to that outlet for two days [comma] I went with a single player experience. The only type of social interactions I had in those two days was with the people inside the game [comma] so I would describe it as a faux social interaction. Eventually I got off the game as soon as I got bored of it or needed to take a break. That is how I would describe how I felt about the whole experience. Mainly I was bored and I tried to do anything to not feel that way.

Deresiewicz describes boredom and loneliness as “closely allied.” I would say this is true because without any online interactions I just became very much bored so in turn I was lonely as well. One would think that spending most of their time in solitude would a person used to it [comma] but in my case with the disconnection of media it made me feel more alone than ever. [Organize your writing: new idea, new paragraph] As Deresiewicz also says, “solitude isn’t easy.” But I myself typically tend to seek out solitude and was very uneasy at first doing the group project relating to the Ghost in the Shell movie. Which also reminds me on how the Major used solitude herself when she went diving in the movie to gain insight about herself. [good insight]


In The End of Solitude, Deresiewicz talks about the culture of celebrity. I do not feel that I fall under this category of this culture. I do not really have many friends and I do not use social media at all. I mainly prefer physical solitude but I still crave the social interaction. During the end of the media blackout, it made me appreciate all the media that we have. To me it is not really all of that intrusive since I only use the internet to read and television to keep me entertained. But without that there is this all-encompassing feeling of boredom and loneliness.


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