“We know that secrecy protects lies, that lies protect secrecy and that lies and secrecy protect the prima facia duties under confidentiality agreements. Privacy/secrecy is something that is very important to every human whether they want to admit it or not. Privacy protects against scorn in most, but not all situations. In most cases when people get involved in our privacy it is like intrusion. There are many benefits of keeping something private. A few reasons it is beneficial, is so that the other person doesn’t feel embarrassed, you do not get caught in a lie, to benefit the right person. We use lies to cover up on our secrets. Lies are beneficial to the person who is keeping the secret. If that someone gets caught it defeats the purpose of the lie. Some people that do not lie often can’t keep up with their lies and then but they get caught.Once you hold a secret it is not so simple to keep it in because you can’t always keep up with it. Not only is it dangerous to you but if the secret unfolds it is hurtful or bad when the other person you’re keeping it from finds out. YOU DIDN’T NEED ANY OF THESE SENTENCES. GET TO THE POINT.

UNTIL  I HIT ‘ENTER,’ THIS WAS A 494-WORD ENTRY! From my experience I could remember one time that I kept a secret and it was for the reason to not hurt my cousin’s feelings. I got recently engaged and had a family member living in my house that recently broke off her third engagement. This family member was very sensitive to everything that has to do with marriage. Once my wedding planning started me and my mother had to keep her out of it, so that she does not get hurt more. We started hiding wedding appointments and telling her lies such as I had work, doctor’s appointment, school, so on and so forth, so that she does not feel the need to come with us. Once I got used to it and forgot that my cousin was there I mentioned to my sister that I went dress shopping that day and she overheard. This not only got me into trouble, it got my mother into trouble too. This comes to show us that when you lie even though it is beneficial to both parties it can get you into an uncomfortable situation. After this situation my cousin questioned every step I made and made sure that she would know everything about everything, since she got the hint that we did not want her involved. Yes, secrets and lies is a good thing when you know for a fact that it will never be unveiled. In conclusion,confidentiality is something that everyone has the power of sometimes.The world we live in,nothing is a secret anymore. One day all our secrets will be exposed, if it is the smallest secret to the biggest everyone will find out.


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