Sharing secrets is a task that takes trust and confidence. Often, when someone shares a secret with me, a silent confidentiality agreement is signed. Typically, if someone is taking the time and effort to share a personal story with me, it’s my responsibility to guard it like if it were a physical possession of mine. All throughout the years, my friends and family have trusted me with some of their deepest secrets. Once a secret has been shared with me, I have the liberty to do what I want with that information. In a way, it is a very “empowering” feeling, however, it’s not a feeling or motive I wish to act on and exploit. Trust is earned, and if someone has decided to trust me, it is my responsibility and duty to act like a loyal and trusting friend. 

One of the biggest challenges is deterring those who may want to know the story or secrets that were once shared with you. A lot of people in this world are curious for the wrong reasons, especially when it’s information that has been “selectively shared.” To me, it is very intrusive to see someone attempt to extract information from me. I view it as a form as disrespect. However, from a different point of view, people in this world are constantly seeking to obtain things they cannot have. It does not surprise me one bit that people in my life have constantly attempted to extract information simply because curiosity got the best of them.

 Apart from the hardships of guarding a secret, there are a lot of positive things that stem from having a conversation with a trusted friend. From my past experiences, when someone has shared a secret with me, it has ultimately led us to form a stronger friendship. In a way, it forces us both to trust each other. My friends and family have put trust in me to guard their secret, and at the same time, I put our friendship on the line by trusting myself and guarding that personal conversation we once had. If asked, I might be able to offer advice or guidance on a specific situation. This is part of sharing secrets, and often, a very intimate conversation follows the sharing of a secret. I believe that’s where a “bonding” takes place where you are forced to trust the person who you are sharing the secret with.

 The times I have promised confidentiality to my friends and family have resulted in us growing closer. To this day, I have the same outlook on the sharing of secrets with me, and I like to remain responsible for the guarding of those secrets. Whether someone tries to protrude or invade my personal conversations is not a worry. At the end of the day, I must uphold my moral code and protect those conversations from the public. I will never put myself in a position where I put in jeopardy the secrets that have been shared with me.



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