In my sophomore year of high school, I was in charge of Community Service for my Academy of Hospitality & Tourism. BY this time, I was determined to do the best I could since I was the youngest staff member among my peers. Near the end of the school year, we have one of our biggest and most important events, a Gala for a major Chamber group. I was assigned to recruit all of the students to attend and help with this event. It is very formal and required very responsible students. My lead teacher had warned me beforehand That I need to recruit responsible students for this particular event since it does have an open bar for its attendees, and many big names from the community are in attendance. Through lots of hard work leading up to the event, we were set to go with our volunteers. I was not able to attend due to my attendance needed elsewhere, but I stressed how the volunteers who were all seniors, needed to be responsible. The event to my knowledge, but a few days later I saw an image on social media. The image was of a group of students volunteering drinking at the event. I was upset and concerned since I did not know what to do. I knew that if I were let my lead teacher know, everyone in the academy would know it was me, but ethically, I knew it would be better if I told. Somehow, the students found out I knew about the pictures, and began asking me not to say anything. I knew it would cause havoc if this was leaked, but morally it felt very wrong to keep a secret, especially since I was trying to establish trust. After about a week, I decided to let my teacher know. I realized that people’s perception of me was not as important as the relationship between the chamber and the Academy, as well as me trying to establishing my trust and honesty.

While my teacher was happy that I let her know, many were not happy with me and actually confronted me in person. Since what they did was wrong, I felt that confidentiality was not as issue, especially since they tarnished that with their post. I also felt that with lying, it was doing much more bad the good. The students that broke the rules felt empowered since they felt they got away with it. But in all, I felt it was a good lesson. As those students approached me, I would explain why I did what I did, and I could tell that in a way, they understood. To add, it took me a while to think of a secret I could use. In all I do not like keeping a secret that would require me to lie.


-Serena Beze


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