I’ve Got A Secret

I genuinely have had a lot of trouble with this assignment, because as stated in the assignment, this is the Internet and most, if not all, of my secrets are current situations that I still cannot discuss. After reading the No Secrets article, I am very hesitant about what to write about.

Over winter break my brother decided he was going to propose to his girlfriend on Christmas evening in New York City. In the process of formulating this plan it seemed like it was going to be cake. Little did I know, flying someone three thousand miles away to get asked a question was a lot harder than expected. My brother had already spoken to her parents and the plane tickets were all bought but our flight was 5 a.m. Christmas morning.

No one really was able to empower anyone because pretty much everyone was in on the surprise but my sister-in-law. The only time the secret came close to getting ruined when I asked if we were to be opening our gifts in the airport like an idiot. Fortunately, she was not paying attention to my idiocy.

Keeping the secret was not an issue; the plan was fabricated beautifully. No one was harmed, no relationship were put at stake, and all in all no damage was done. In the process a few lies did have to be told in order to keep the secrecy and the identity of the plan had to remain concealed.



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