Individual Assignment 6: I’ve got a secret




In high school, my best friend had sneaked the answer key to the Physics midterm and scored a perfect score on the exam. A couple of days later, the teacher grew suspicious as to how she had received a perfect score, which was nearly impossible due to the way she had structured the exam. My best friend who we can refer to as “Shelbs” had only told me about her secret. I was the only one who knew that she had cheated on the midterm. Shelbs did not want people to know about her cheating because it would have made her look inferior. People would think that she had to cheat in order to pass the exam, she couldn’t even try to study intensely like everyone else did. On top of that, it was an Honors class so Shelbs felt that if others found out she would be highly ridiculed. To Shelbs and I, knowing her secret indeed gave us power. We knew something no one else knew, and if it got out, her and I would have been suspended permanently from school.

Shelbs and I were the insiders, and the teacher and classmates were the outsiders. Our classmates were curious and even a little jealous about Shelbs receiving a perfect score on such a difficult exam. She was also not known to be the brightest bulb in class, so without question, everyone was confused on how she achieved such a score. I found that many of our classmates were suspicious and wanted to know what the truth was. Their curiosity was driving them but most importantly, the fact that they felt powerless and inferior in not knowing what the truth was the most frustrating to them. They wanted to penetrate the secret, and I felt powerful in knowing the truth, even a little threatened because I knew I was also in a predicament.

Many classmates knew I was Shelbs’s best friend so they tried to get information out of me. They lied to me by saying that they they already knew the truth but if I didn’t get confess they would bring me down with Shelbs. However, they were not the only ones lying. I also lied to protect Shelbs and I, the secret had a wall around it and it was up to me to keep it from falling. The secret guarded our lie, which was that we had no idea about what was going on. GOOD — CAN YOU CITE THE LECTURE? All Shelbs did was study for the exam for hours on end, no cheating was at hand. That was how we concealed our secret, that was the lie. The reason why we kept the secret, was simply for the protection of our reputation, name, and future in our academic studies. If anyone would have found out, we would have been in deep consequences. There were even moments where I had wished that Shelbs had never told me, because now I had been attached to the academic crime.

The teacher had pulled me aside and told me that if I knew something she did not know, it was my responsibility to tell her. If I didn not confess at the moment, and something was to be found out later, I would suffer further consequences. Even then I lied, and said I knew nothing. I protected Shelbs and her reputation. I was also protecting her future. Knowing the secret may have given me power over my classmates, but it put me in a predicament with the school authorities. I was at risk just because I knew what Shelbs had done. Even though she got away with the crime, and I got away with knowing the secret, I know I never want to be tied to a crime like that again. It may give you power, but it can also lead to destruction.



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