Assignment 5: 48-hour news blackout

After experiencing two days of news blackout, it was very surprising to realize the influence of news in my life. Even though we hear everywhere about importance of being informed, it is not until I experienced myself the absence of it that I realized no [SP: not] only the importance of the news on basic actions and decisions that I take every day, but I realized about the time I spend in getting informed while missing some events that occur around me and I do not pay attention just because I was reading a news that got my attention or maybe communicating with others using social media [Keep sentences short.].

Prior to start the 48 hours count, I checked my e-mail, because I thought it was my main source of news and thinking that it will not be a big effect by not having news during this period of time. But, as time went, the experience of the absence of news turned a little weird. I started realizing that when I do read the news, I kind of read to myself and hear my own voice, and I started to miss that kind of talking to myself. It was a kind of anxiety to read something and hear my own voice [Keep sentences short.]. [Organize your writing: new idea, new paragraph] Since I am taking a class that has all assignments set for the entire semester and has a book that I love because is written in such a way that make you feel someone is talking straight to you, I went ahead and read the entire next chapter for following week assignment. It was weird because in a regular week, I struggle to have the reading completed, and so I realized that if we add up all the little times that we even just go check our social media and read a couple of news feed, it is a good portion of our time and so, we spend so much time on it [Keep sentences short.].

Now I understand more the people from the reformation time because maybe they felt the same kind of anxiety to hear their internal voice while reading, as Deresiewicz refers “The soul encountered itself in response to a text”.

Another aspect that I did not take in consideration until it happened on Tuesday was about the weather, and then I remember Dr. Pearson said in class we should take the umbrella everywhere, and I did not. After it stop raining, and seeing there were still some clouds in the sky and so it was a high probability of rain at later time; I started wondering why I just did not realize that earlier in the morning and I would go prepared for the rain. I realize that it is because I am used to rely in even simple comments in social media about the weather for example, to take decisions like whether to use a jacket, or take the umbrella, etc. [Organize your writing: new idea, new paragraph] After that happened, I started to look around, not only the sky but all the green areas, the nature, the people, and I started wandering when was the last time I really stop for a little time and just contemplate and see what was going on. Maybe because this is my last semester at FIU, and it seem that everything is in a rush, and so many assignments and presentations are coming up soon, and on the other site [SP: side], is this “what is going to be next” feeling and pressure.


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