48 hours of News Blackout

As I was reading Deresiewicz’s “The End of Solitude”, I was able to understand his arguments on solitude and loneliness. However, it was difficult to relate to it. According to him, I fall under the “new generation” he often refers to, but I do not feel the fear or rejection towards solitude that is often visible among my generation. [good insight]

Perhaps it’s because I grew up in a country where technology was accessible yet limited. Only middle class families had the luxury to own more than one television set, a desktop computer, video game console, etc. Based on my parent’s salary, we were considered middle class and I did grow up with these technologies. However, most of my friends and neighbors didn’t have the same luck which filled my childhood with more hours of playtime our in the streets rather than in front of a screen. [good insight]

When embarking in this 48 hours of news blackout journey, it didn’t really make much of difference. It did, however, caused a conflict between my job given that I work for a television network where I deal with news every minute. I was lucky enough that my boss allowed me to take a personal day on such a short notice. But I must say that the only challenging part of this assignment was related to the weather. I rely on my weather app almost every morning; and not being able to know whether to wear the right shoes or a rain jacket, it was an thrilling experience.

I must say that I completely disagree with “culture of celebrity” Deresiewicz refers to. I’m not an active social media user. Out of the many social media platforms, I only have two in which I barely launch or engage. Disconnecting from news wasn’t a challenge for me. I often do this especially with the hectic lifestyle that I have between my full-time job and full-time at school. I enjoy those moments of solitude even when sometimes it’s just during my hour-long commutes. I often find myself with no radio, no music, simply listening to the road. [good insight]

Despite of all this, I understand the concept of “actionable information”. I try extremely hard to be objective when reading or receiving a piece of information in general, not just news related. This is a very difficult task given that we tend to be subjective when receiving information. News are important, but what’s more important is who, why, and how these pieces of information are being told and received. I do believe news are necessary, but they should not intrude with our solitude. Solitude should come from within, the desire to want to have time apart from everyone and everything should be seeked [sought] regardless of our surroundings, regardless of amount of technology bombarded at us. [good insight]


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