48 hours news blackout

You never really know how much you depend on news, weather, and specifically social media until I was asked to spend 48 hours off of it. Luckily, the two days I chose went by quickly due to having a busy schedule on both days. Even so, it was still tough to not be able to check on my downtime with what was going on in the world, and by this I mean social media world. It is amazing how lonely we are as individuals nowadays and how antisocial we have become as well. Maybe that’s not the case for all, but I would say a majority of people are just as antisocial as I am. [Good insights. How do they relate to the points that Deresiewicz raises in his essay?] 

The article we had to read put a lot of things into perspective on my two days off from the virtual world I live in. I would say I picked up a book instead, but I even read books on my phone and I didn’t even attempt to read on it in case somehow someway I’d get tempted to check my social media. [Relate to McLuhan’s saying, “The medium is the message.”] One point I found interesting in Deresiewicz paper was when he referenced his student who couldn’t even do a paper if she had to be alone. There was nothing I could relate more to in his statement. As people we have a fear of loneliness and unless I’m alone at home, I cannot do anything alone out in public. I don’t like to do anything by myself and when I have to, I complete my task so quickly you’d never know I’d done anything.

Deresiewicz paper was a very interesting read because he so easily gave examples of how society has progressed, but also backtracked. If I would have not had a busy two days, I could’ve seen myself possibly picking up a hard copy book or actually going outside to exercise. Instead I rode bike which I forgot how much I actually loved to do so. It was calming and sort of an escape from the everyday stress, I wasn’t worried about anything for the amount of time I was out riding. But alas, it is true, I was completely lost in what was going on in the world without the use of my handy dandy phone. [Good insights.] 

It saddens me to think this is what we have become and it’s a harsh reality that everyone needs to understand. We are all so glued to technology and having everything at our disposal now, that we forget about the simpler things in life. How hard is it to actually pick up a newspaper or buy the hardcopy version of the book instead? The answer is, that it’s not. We have everything we could want and yet we refuse to do anything and hide behind our computers or phones or tablets so that we don’t have to face the world and thats something that needs to change because we’re all already so lost. [Relate to McLuhan’s saying, “The medium is the message.”] [How might you act on these insights? How might your media consumption change?]


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