48 Hour News Blackout

[Keep paragraphs short. Watch spelling.]

Information of any category is delivered in many ways. Newspapers, radios, television are all methods that information has been used to deliver to society. Now a day [Nowadays], the technology that is used for information delivered has changed. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even the news channels website are the way that most information is relayed to society. Technology is a tool that is used to connect people in so many ways but at the same time the space between people is getting feather and feather apart. [Organize your writing: new idea, new paragraph] In “The End of Solitude,” talks about how boredom pushes people to stay connected with society by seeking connection though technology. For example, in essence the act of keeping the mind occupied with technology can take place of being bored. At this point a person can be alone in solitude and there are not board [SP: bored] by occupying the mind with any kind of technology use. The connection between loneliness and the use of technology just became a simple line. [Organize your writing: new idea, new paragraph] One thing that society is teaching us with all the technology influence is that someone should never feel alone even in solitude because technology is a hands grasp away. For anyone to always need to be with company, when there is a moment of solitude that person can get lost very easy [run-on sentence]. Being alone and not having any kind of influence of the outside world affect the mind that may help a person in many ways [How might it help?].

One thing that has been noticed with the people growing up in the era of technology, anything that is wanted has to be put in effect within seconds of the thought being created. Everything can be easy when many things are only a couple of clicks away. Things like, [no comma] dating and meeting new people was [were] hard, especially for people that are shy. Technology has allowed people to create and be involved with a society that they would like to be apart [SP: a part]  of.

Being disconnected from technology, any information of the world, and any kind of information of person’s whereabouts is an interesting experience. Solitude allows the natural thoughts that occur in ones [one’s] mind to happen and there is a lot to learn from that. By not allowing technology to interrupt those thoughts [comma] a person is able to analyze and learn many things about themselves. Reflecting on such thoughts of events that have occurred, people can ask themselves questions like why did I act like that, I really don’t like when people treat me in those kinds of ways. [Organize your writing: new idea, new paragraph] In solitude [comma] people can also look within themselves and reflect on their own spiritualty [SP: spirituality]. Religion and spiritualty are things that help guide a person but if that person looks what they are being thought they can see how that fits in their life and how that maybe applied. Being alone and disconnected from technology is something that should be applied to everyone’s life; it can help someone actually live his or her own life. [How might you act on these insights? How might your media consumption change?]


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