48 Hour Media Blackout

Thinking back at the 48-hour news media blackout which I extended to include social media because of the different articles being shared on the various platforms, I realized a few things. I do see myself in the argument that Deresiewicz makes, not exactly in the sense of celebrity, I do not feel the need to be known, but I do feel a need to be connected to the world. News helps me keep connected to the world much like social media helps me keep connected to my friends and family. [excellent insight]

During the 48 hours I did find myself a bit anxious, trying to find things to fill the gap. Usually in the morning I wake up, make myself breakfast and read the New York Times in peace. The calm only last about an hour or two because soon my roommates are awake and that’s the end of my quiet time. As I am writing this I am realizing my only alone times are in the morning when I read the news, when I do homework, and when I sleep. Interesting to think about, I spend more time with others than I do with myself. [Organize your writing: new idea, new paragraph] Instead of reading the news in the morning I slept in, I guess I still needed that hour of solitude in my day even if it was in dream land. At work on my lunch break I am usually on social media, but since I could not open apps to check anything I tried having conversations with my coworkers. They were all engaged in their phones though so I did not get much out of them. [Organize your writing: new idea, new paragraph] I went outside and called my mom, because I was alone and bored with nothing to do. The next day I called my mom again because I had nothing to do before class, she was very pleased to get two phone calls in one week. At night I had trouble falling asleep but I could not go on any apps so I went for a walk instead. [How do these experiences relate to the points that Deresiewicz raises in his essay?] 

When I finished with the 48 hours and I started to skim through news articles, I realized I missed a lot of events, especially since we currently have a president that needs to be on the front page every day. I believe the news is important, but because of the social culture that we have it develops news to be more of a public entertainment forum rather than an information source that it is meant to be. I do think it is a necessary intrusion of our solitude. [Organize your writing: new idea, new paragraph] Deresiewicz was right about us not knowing how to be alone and that we are trained to be bored. Humans are naturally curious being, if we were brought up to be bored might as well find educational and informative articles on the news to read about rather than do other unproductive activities. Looking back on the pass 48 hours I comprehend that it is boredom that gets me to read the news, but it is connectivity that makes me keep reading. [Relate to McLuhan’s saying, “The medium is the message.”] 


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