The Impacts of a Secret

Feeling compelled to lie, in order to keep a secret, is a very uncomfortable act. I was asked to keep a secret that, if exposed, could potentially split a family apart. I was stuck in between exposing the truth or preserving a lie.

The moment I agreed to keep a very confidential secret, I was put in the middle of two opposite ends. My ability to be honest with myself and those who were unaware of the secret was jeopardized. I had accepted the challenge of keeping the secret, thus I faced all the consequences that came with it. My promise solely benefitted the one who told me the secret. If I chose to spill the secret it would ruin a lifelong friendship, but if I chose to maintain the secret, I would lose honesty with myself and those unaware of the truth.

As professor Blevens mentioned in the lecture, secrecy is important as it speaks to a great deal of power. Therefore, I was empowered. I had the ability to choose between exposing the secret or maintaining it. Secrecy nurtures the growth of lies. My friend’s secret guarded my lies, and my lies guarded her secrets. I was compelled to lie in order to cover my friend’s secret [Relate to class: You kept a confidentiality out of a prima facie duty and to show loyalty to a peer.]. When family members tried to penetrate the secret, it felt as if I was lying to myself. I knew the truth, and I was forced into a pact that ended up affecting my life [Relate to class: A secret can hurt people, intended or not.] .

I promised my confidentiality, which as a result, required justification for my lies. My friend did not need to justify her secret.  I covered my friend’s secret to others [by] appealing to ethos [good insight] . I needed to sound credible and “honest” in my lies in order to prevent any problems that could come about if the secret was exposed. Not only was keeping a secret uncomfortable, but it was an unwanted thought that lingered inside my head. I was emotionally affected through pathos. My friend’s secret caused me to feel sympathy which led me to honor my promise [good insight].

There are different degrees of secrets. Exposing this secret would have done a lot of harm, but if it were a minor secret, the consequences are less serious and as a result, they would not cause much impact.

Keeping my friend’s secret meant sustaining her privacy. Her reputation was controlled, she was protected against scorn and ridicule and it kept others from entering in her personal life [good insight]. The issue with this, though, is that her secret had an effect on her family. Keeping a secret that has this much influence on a family means that I was hiding the truth from many people that sooner or later would be affected.

The decision to keep a secret doesn’t only mean I was holding a large amount of responsibility, but I had to prepare myself to also cover the secret with lies, causing me to become part of the problem [Did keeping the secret have unintended consequences?].



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