Secret Blog

A secret I once held was that I was that I was undergoing therapy and taking medication for my depression and anxiety from my family. I kept this secret because I did not want anyone to be worried and to treat me any differently because of the stigma of mental health. I was also ashamed of myself for developing this even though I had no control over the matter. It had started to affect my grades and I am still feeling the repercussions until I had finally got help. [Organize your writing: new idea, new paragraph.] I have always been a private person, primarily because nobody really inquires about any of my personal business including my parents. They make the casual “how are you” comments to which I reply “I am fine,” as always. My privacy as always been my sanctuary. [Organize your writing: new idea, new paragraph.] This was a lie however to guard my secret and to stop any invasion of my privacy so nobody can probe any further [good insight] . This caused me to make lies to cover my secret.I was continually lying to my parents with my current state of being. This was a long ongoing lie that kept building up as secrets tend to do [good insight] .

I revealed this secret out of necessity to my parents to be able to afford my medication. At first I did not want to [comma] but any lie I thought up of would not be a very good one [comma] so I had no choice but to reveal my secret. The therapy had been free on campus [comma] but the medication I needed still cost money and I was running low on funds. It took several months before I could reveal this secret and for the first time I had people trying to penetrate the secret of my conditions and how long it has been going on for [Relate to class: Do you think the people trying to penetrate the secret had a desire to know, gain control, feel superior, or be intimate?]. [Organize your writing: new idea, new paragraph.] How it affected me is that I get called more often by my other inquiring about my current status but other than that not much has changed even with therapy and medication. I have become somewhat a bit more open with people however. My mother was hurt when I first told her by me keeping things from her but over time she got over it and started talking to me more openly.

When others were trying to penetrate my secret [comma]I felt quite uncomfortable since I was not used to being inquired about my personal life. I usually feel empowered by holding my secrets because then nobody can hold anything against me ever. When I had to disclose my secret it made me feel a bit better though either way I would still be about the same whether or not I had disclosed the secret before. My parents have kept the matter under confidentiality within the family so as that I may still may have my secret protected but just within my inner circle of my family [Relate to class: People keep a secret to protect personal space or a name.] . I was grateful for the confidentiality.


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