[Introduction not needed. Relate these points to your essay.] When people hear, the word secret their first reaction is either a curious look or a worried expression. Secrets are known to be hiding of a truth or perhaps a false information. Trust and communication are the are necessary in any relationship. Secrets can either break or make your relationships with those involve in it.

[Introduction not needed. Relate these points to your essay.] When people keep secrets their focus is making sure their secret does not become exposed. At the end of the day [comma] the person you are keeping the secret for, shared this with you in complete confidentiality. Keeping secrets lead you lying because you cannot expose the secret. In several occasions, I’ve had to keep secrets and lie to cover them up.

In December 2016, my cousin called me and told me she had just gotten in a car crash. My first reaction was “are you okay”?  “where are you”? everything was okay [comma] thank god [comma] but she told me hurry down there. [Organize your writing: new idea, new paragraph.] As I got there [comma] so many things were coming to my mind, was her fault or did they crash her. I finally got to the scene of the accident and she was alone. The first thing she told me was “I need to tell you something, but you cannot say anything”. [period mark inside quote marks]

My eyes open and were filled with curiosity. What did this girl do now? She revealed to me that it was her fault, she had caused the crash. And this is where the secret comes in. This was not the first time she had crashed, and the car had just gotten fixed. She asked to me join her in her cover story. Her big lie was that they had crashed her and the person ran away. This was the big lie she was going to tell her parents. And I was now part of it. [Relate to class: You kept a confidentiality out of a prima facie duty and to show loyalty to a peer.]

Having to hold this kind of information made me feel with power over my cousin. I mean [Write in essay, not conversational, form.] I was not going to tell her secret in any way [Write in essay, not conversational, form.]. But the fact that I was the only one that knew the truth behind the crash made me feel entitled to the situation. Still [comma] in the back of my mind [comma] I knew that this was something she trusted me with, but I could not help but feel a bit of regret towards knowing the truth . Seeing my uncle worry about the fixes of the car made me realized the big consequences that come out of holding this secret.

[Relate your feelings and insights to the readings. Did people make appeals based on ethos (your sense of honor, loyalty or justice) or pathos (feelings)? Did you carry a burden the way that Edward Snowden said he did?]

[Did others trying to penetrate the secret? What was your response?]

Secrets can often make you feel empowered over knowing them, but often times you end up with the feeling of regret over keeping them. [Relate to class: A secret can hurt people, intended or not.] 











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