Last semester I had the opportunity to intern for BBC Worldwide for their Latin American office in Coral Gables. It was a chance of a lifetime. My dream job was to work for The BBC network and this was one step closer to making that happen. My internship position was in the communications department. Most of my task included sending press material to publications, creating press releases, and curating coverage reports for our records. On Monday’s were particular my favorite because it was the communication’s department weekly meeting, and breakfast was always free. Free breakfast is a plus especially to a broke college student but on this particular Monday the Board room was serious.  BBC Executives were in the board room and topic of discussion was our dangerous financial state. BBC Worldwide had made the decision to make budget cuts to our sector in Latin America because business was not doing very well. BBC worldwide was going through some serous changes. On this particular meeting, time was dedicated to creating a strategic plan to announce to the office and press on the changes that were to come. These budget cuts would cause 9 of our employees to lose their jobs. Most of these people had families, hungry mouths to feed, mortgages to pay. I was just an intern trying to gain experience. Knowing that I was one of the few that had a hold of such sensitive information made me feel disgusted. I knew all these employees, they each had contributed to my life is some type of way. How was I supposed to keep this a secret from them? How was I supposed to pretend and act like everything is okay to these individuals when I knew it was going to be there last final weeks being employed? ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS. I felt like I had all the power because I was exposed to such sensitive information. I felt like I could only speak to those who knew of that information because we did share something in common. I grew a sense of pity for these people. I was only an intern who had stumbled in the doors during the wrong time. At this moment I understood that I had to be very careful with what I said to others in the office.


I knew it wasn’t my place to tell these people that they were getting fired. I also knew that I had the responsibility to keep the classified information to myself. It was too serious of an issue to talk about to others. As time passed so did the rumors. By the end of the week, everyone became frightful of losing their jobs. During lunch breaks, conversations amongst my coworker consisted of guessing who was going to get fired. I would simply go along with their game. Little did they know that I was the source to their curiosity. Finally after a whole two weeks of holding my mouth from such treacherous information, an email was sent to the entire office staff, informing us of the new changes being made. I finally felt at ease because this secrecy was over and I could finally act truthful.



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