Lies are everywhere, they’re among the most common things humans share. But why is it that we do say them? Is it to protect ourselves? Or the ones we love? Maybe both? But one thing is for sure with every secret comes a lie and we all have that one story of a secret we once had to keep. NO NEED. EITHER GET TO THE POINT OR SHOW MW HOW BLEVENS’ IDEAS FRAME YOURS.

About two years ago I worked at Guess in the mall. I had this coworker who was a couple years older than me and for some reason she always confided in me. She would tell me all her crazy stories and secrets. Usually it was never anything too scandalous, I always had a good laugh with her stories. But I’ll never forget the time she made lie to her current boyfriend while she was out with her old boyfriend.

She had been dating her current boyfriend for about two years. Randomly her ex-boyfriend added her on Instagram and they started talking again. They would text almost every day, flirting, going on secret dates, she would tell me how he would give her butterflies and how she taught she was still in love with him. Yet she still wouldn’t break up with her boyfriend. She didn’t want to pick, she wanted to be with both. That’s when I was like oh boy, but never did imagine I would get stuck in the middle of that mess until one day her boyfriend showed up at the store asking for her. I was like… he mentioned that she had told him she had work all day but I knew it was her day off. I didn’t know what to tell him and I definitely wasn’t going to be the one to tell him was what really going on. I panicked and lied, I said she was at work but at our Miami location. I couldn’t believe I was now a part of her lie. I told her what happened and said that would be the last time I did that for her. She couldn’t keep living this double life and expect everyone to be her accomplice. I told her she has to tell him sooner or later. If he showed up again asking for her I wasn’t going to lie again. She agreed and said she was finally going to tell him what she had been up to the past couple months. This was definitely one of the biggest and direst lies I’ve told. I felt horrible being an accomplice of someone’s betrayal. I wouldn’t have minded if it was a white lie, that didn’t hurt anyone. But this lie was constant months of lying and cheating something I’ve never agree or will agree on. I definitely felt guilty for a while but I’m glad I put my foot down and let her know what she was doing was awful and I wasn’t going to be a part of it. The lie made me feel empowered but not the good kind. GOOD. ARE YOU ALLUDING TO BLEVENS? I didn’t enjoy threating her by saying that I would tell him the truth if he ever asked again. But it was a good life experience and something to learn from.



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