In high school, my parents were overprotective. They always told me that on the weekends, I had to be home by 11pm. Once they found out that I’ve been sneaking out of the house late at night, they turned on the location service option on my phone to locate my every move. However, that didn’t stop me. I would leave my phone at my friend’s house and tell my mom that I was spending the night there, but instead, I would go to different parties and come back when my parents were waking up at the crack of dawn. I somehow never managed to get caught.

Going out late at night allowed me to be with my group of friends. None of my friends had an early curfew like me. Although I brought this up several times to my parents, it didn’t matter. They only cared about me and my safety. Having strict parents taught me how keep a secret, and how to stay quiet about something that could ruin my social life. Even as I got older, I was still living under my parent’s rules because I was still living under their roof.

I was invincible. My parents had no idea what I was doing. I felt empowered knowing that I was in control of my actions, and that my parents had no idea. I never felt bad about going behind their backs, but instead, I felt independent, knowing that I was making my own choices for once. If my mom called my friend’s house, my friend would tell her that I’m asleep and can’t talk, or that I was in the bathroom. She would make up any excuse to avoid having me talk on the phone. I never ran into a situation where I feared that my friend would one day confess the lie to my parent’s [SPELLING]. She has never let me down before, so I knew she wouldn’t say a word HOW DOES BLEVENS ADDRESS THIS POINT?

I felt compelled to lie because my parents were so strict. I didn’t grow up as independent as others, and I felt like life was practically handed to me. My parents would do everything for me, like remind me to do my homework and drive me everywhere when I was old enough for a drivers license. I understand now what they were trying to get me to understand in high school, but I still see it as being an extremely strict method of parenting. My parents still never found out to this day, even though I no longer live with them. It’s been 4 years, and my past is still a secret to them.



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