I’ve Got a Secret

Natalia Pasquariello


Team 12

Thinking about past events and what I have gone through with family and friends, a couple of situations come to mind when it comes to secrecy. It makes you think to yourself, why did you put yourself in a situation where lying was needed? or why was creating a secret necessary in the first place? Analyzing the situation really puts things into perspective because you may have created more issues by lying than what would have happened if you were open about what was going on in the first place.

For example, when I was about 18 years old I was going through some family problems where lying to protect my father started to become our second nature. It wasn’t because I promised him I would keep the things going on at home confidential, but more so that I just didn’t want the world to perceive him as anything less than perfect. Not to blame anyone but society has created a particular image that everyone wants to be or feels the need to be like , so when something is a little off the spectrum, we find the need to create a false image for the outside looking in.

But wrapping your life in a lie and creating so many secrets, makes you forget what the actual truth is and this may be where information gets crossed or told incorrectly and your credibility is questioned. IS THIS A CLASS CONCEPT? Which is where insecurity comes in because you begin to over think all of your surroundings and who believes or who is trying to find out the truth of your lies. Being that you have this big weight on your shoulders can take toll on your mental and physical health, which can affect you greatly in so many different aspects.

This leads to back to the bigger issue of my hidden family secret from the beginning, that is still not being solved and just becoming larger as I tried to pretend everything is okay and as I’m smiling through it all, hoping no one can see the pain in my eyes. I understand the idea of confidentiality and the fact of people not needing to know your personal business, just because things can either blow up in your face or actually work out of the better. But something I’m trying to analyze is when the world allowed society to create such an image for household families that secrecy and lying became everyone’s second nature.

This is where the line needs to be drawn between the truth and a lie. How I told my friends that dad was going away for vacation for a couple of days instead of saying he moved out, was my way of giving them enough information to explain his absence. But where parts get messy within situations and information like this, is when information gets twisted or interpreted incorrectly and that is when keeping stories and problems told to a minimum or the complete truth is safer than to allow the story to be left up in the air.


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