Individual Assignment 6: I’ve got a secret

Brenda Mayorga


There was a time when I had to restraint myself from spreading an important secret. It was hard to hold back and not say anything to my family or friends. I wasn’t aware of the situation until after the action was done.

Secrets are important because the other person is putting their confidence in you to not tell it to anyone. When my sister told me that she had gotten married, my first instinct was to question why on Earth she told me of all people. I am the type of person to respect confidentiality on information that I receive from the direct source. If it is coming from the person herself, then I know that there isn’t a chance that the information was misinterpreted in any way.

When I hear news about something that happened, and the source tells me not to tell anyone, and that they said that they heard it from someone else, then I question the credibility. Those news are allowed to be questioned.

When my sister told me the news that she got married to her boyfriend, I was in complete disbelief. She didn’t seem like the type of person to get married so quickly. That’s when I knew that it had to be true. She wouldn’t joke about this because she’s aware that I know she wouldn’t do something so spontaneous.

I didn’t feel empowered in any way during this secret. If anything, I felt helpless. I was confident that I could keep her secret, but it didn’t make me feel great. I did believe the credibility of the news. I wasn’t worries about anybody trying to penetrate the secret. There were no hints given to family members or friends, therefore no one felt like they didn’t know something.

If my mom or grandma were to ask me anything about my sisters boyfriend then I would just say they are doing fine. I don’t think that not telling somebody something is considered lying. It is considered being sneaky. I didn’t tell them that they were married.

I want to say that the three, secrecy, confidentiality and lying, are all correlated. However, I just don’t think it’s appropriate to say that lying is considered when you withhold information that a person didn’t ask about. It wasn’t a lie in that situation, it was more of a secret. GOOD.

My family did end up finding out. They realized on their own. My sister didn’t lie when they asked her and so I don’t believe that waiting for the right time to tell them is wrong. I was involved in the secret but because she knew that she could confide in me. I will always value the prima facia rule that falls under confidentiality agreements.


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