A Secret

A secret I held belonged to a friend. He warned me not to tell his parents about his actual sexual orientation. He, I, and our friends were going to meet his parents. I was a bit shocked about his notification because he was very opened about his romantic relationships among friends. I accepted his request but asked him, “Why?” He reasoned that he does not know how his parents would react and rather be safe than sorry if his parent’s reactions went dire of the truth.

This experience empowered both of us because he had the power for me not to say that one theme [thing?] [period mark] otherwise [comma] I would had lost his trust, friendship and friends. I was empowered because I was another member holding his secret and had the potential to change his future involving his family. [Organize your writing: new idea, new paragraph.] Nobody tried to penetrate this secret because our friends already knew about this hidden truth before I did. In fact, people we knew pleaded at me not to accidentally tell his parents of his actual sexual orientation. There was a sense of urgency in their voices and I felt cautious being around my friend’s parents- I did not want to break my friend’s perfect bond. I also felt that I never was completely involved with my friend’s life since I am the last to know (but that is what happen when we live about an hour drive from each other).

From this example, I can understand how a secret can be the very thin fabric between chaos and serenity in society [comma] and it is commonly advised to avoid a scene whenever possible. But I am also aware that keeping a secret can lead to a flaw. In my friend’s case, that flaw  would be not having  an open, honest relationship with his parents,  and the lingering burden of being afraid of the unknown or what- ifs. With our friends’ support on secrecy, lying and confidentiality on his big secret, I had realized that some things are best left undiscovered since they know his parent’s thinking process more than I do. [Relate the insights to the readings and lectures.]

[Relate the insights to the readings and lectures.] Having a secret exposed has a lot of risk involved [comma] so it is understandable the length and thought provoking [hyphenate] analysis people are willing to keep the truth hidden. When considering the ties to lie in order to keep a secret confidential, the situation can get sticky and complicated the more an individual becomes involved with it. People lie for a reason just like secrets are created for a reason. If a person cannot hold their tongue (being confidential) then having a secret cannot exist. That exposed “secret” would be public and can spell trouble to the people involved.




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