Two Day Disconnect

While I do understand that the news is what keeps us up on important current events, a forty-eight hour period of disconnect from the incessant talk of Donald Trump, Muslim refugees, the Kardashians and which famous couple did what was of great mental relief. It is near impossible to escape the news and media outlet’s incessant spread of information. You can be exposed second hand by stopping at “La Carreta” for a coffee and overhearing the Cuban old timers talking politics, or first hand by seeking out the news, but eventually it becomes overwhelming.

NOTICE I BEGAN A NEW PARAGRAPH…As FIRST NAME? Deresiewicz observed, we are arriving (but not quite there yet) at a time where one cannot find solitude . I frequently find myself craving and fighting for my alone time. BECAUSEt I have a single day off a week, I don’t want to spend that precious day in clubs or socializing too much. I want to rest, relax and prepare myself for another week. This forty-eight hour experiment on isolation was enjoyed very thoroughly by yours truly, as it was just another day of the alone time I can never get enough of. GET TO THE POINT I found myself playing my drum set more than usual and catching up on TV series I was behind on, rather than being concerned over what my friends with a more active social life were doing at the time, or what everyone was currently offended by or gossiping about.

It was a huge relief to escape the incessant bombardment with information I don’t care about. Why should I care that Beyonce is having twins? Her pregnancy has absolutely no effect on my life or the majority of other people’s lives, nor will it ever. Oddly enough, I can’t check my Instagram or Facebook without seeing talk of her or her daughter. The Kardashians are another plague to society. They contribute nothing to the world, except the dumbing down of the general population, yet people are insatiable when it comes to information on them. UNNECESSARY — THEY WON’T BITE YOU. Our culture has become one of living vicariously through others that are wealthier and more famous than us, which is why people love celebrity news. Social media has made this a widespread dilemma allowing people with wealth to show off their glamorous lifestyles while we consume the images, videos and gossip and live vicariously through them. Being isolated from this was just confirmation that the majority of “news” that is being spread now is garbage and has no effect on my life. While some news is definitely important and a necessary intrusion of our solitude, easily ninety percent of “news” is unimportant fodder meant to distract us and keep us from being lonely or dissatisfied with our lives. Real news connects us on important issues; it pulls us from solitude and connects us with other people that might also be affected by the issue at hand. ADRIAN, FOCUS. I’M NOT LOOKING FOR A JEREMIAD AGAINST POPULAR CULTURE. USE DERESIEWICZ AS THE FRAME WITHIN WHICH YOU WILL SET YOUR RESPONSES.

Overall this experiment served as a good confirmation that people are afraid of solitude and that they create their own misery by allowing their lives to be ruled by social media, trends or through constant comparison to other people’s lives.

– Adrian Gonzalez-Camps



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