The End of Solitude: Reina Wright

Partaking in solitude was a lot harder than I expected. It made me realize how much I rely on social media, apps, radio and TV. Within minutes I had the urge to check my social media as a second nature. I noticed I also rely on my phone when I feel like I’m in an awkward situation. Usually, when I’m in the the elevator and it’s awkward silence I get on my phone and scroll through social media. This time I had to embrace the awkwardness with other people and fight the urge to grab my phone. I don’t like the feeling of being alone, even when I need to go do homework I ask my friends if they want to come. Some solitude is beneficial and good for self growth, but in small portions and not being completely cut off.

I also found myself to be bored, like what I am suppose to do with myself now. I rely on my phone as entertainment to see what’s happening and staying connected.I was having withdrawals in the first hours of this experiment. I have done a social media detox before for myself because I saw that it was consuming most of my time. However, I had TV, radio and apps as other outlets. Being completely cut off from the world was almost depressing. It also gave me a sense of anger that I live in the 21st century and don’t need solitude, solitude is for old people and older generations.

In the article WHOSE ARTICLE? it states “The two emotions, loneliness and boredom, are closely allied.”This was the exact feeling I had loneliness and boredom, which tie in together. With these negative emotions solitude wasn’t something positive, it was like a punishment. I wasn’t happy, it affected my mood and emotions. With the time of solitude I found myself overthinking and getting deep into my thoughts and to me it was unhealthy. I didn’t like the feeling of solitude it was unpleasant and made me anxious. RUN-ON SENTENCE.

This made me realize how important it is to stay connected to world. The generation we live in today, too much solitude to me is unhealthy. It is the best thing to stay up to date, especially in today’s society. Maybe back in the old days, it was necessary and part of good health to part take in solitude. But in the world we live in today, teens can die from depression, people need to stay updated with family members in other countries/states, what’s safe and what’s not safe. Without daily news you would be late to work, your family can be banned from the US, knowledge of crimes in your neighborhood and the list goes on. In my analyzation NOT A WORD, portions of solitude can be beneficial for self growth, but also solitude can make us feel uncomfortable and in the dark about information.REINA, THIS IS A GOOD THESIS. PASTE AND MOVE TO THE TOP.



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