My Experience of Solitude

Deresiewicz says we have “lost the ability to be alone” and even fear aloneness.

If you don’t use it, you lose it is an old saying that also applies to aloneness. The less we are alone the less we can cope with it and it becomes more uncomfortable.

News media is not an intrusion to our solitude but it is necessary. News media keeps us informed on what is going on in the world, therefore it is necessary to consume. To be considered an intrusion, news media would have to be unwanted and unwelcomed which it is usually not.

In my 48 hours of solitude, I found it hard to separate myself from news information because everywhere I went there was a television or radio station tuned into a local or national news program.

Solitude has become scarce and undesirable.

I found myself doing more social activities such as going to the Miami Boat Show, a mixer in Wynwood and the Florida Renaissance Festival to fill the void of connectivity.

News media is a way I stay connected with the rest of the world and gives me a sense of purpose, almost like I’m apart of something bigger. After removing myself from news, I was able to “explore the integrity of [myself].”

The first 12 hours of solitude consisted of me actively trying to avoid the radio and television. My anxiety rose and I found myself wanting to know the next tweet that would shock the world. I was anxious because I wanted to be involved and up-to-date with the latest on the Trump travel ban and not knowing made me feel left out.

Leaving the house and being active helped to calm my anxiety. After realizing the world is not going anywhere I began to calm down and enjoy the moment.

I then became motivated. Motivated to converse and meet new people. I stopped focusing on the news of the outside world and focused on what mattered and affected me directly. Instead of snapchatting and facebooking while enjoying the city of Wynwood, I was able to live in the moment and appreciate the art of the music being shared and lost on social media.

My motivation continued throughout the next day and I was able to complete and catch up on schoolwork. The feeling of accomplishment and with it came happiness.

A zen-like, peaceful emotion I have not felt since I was alone on a sailboat in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. A feeling that the outside world did not matter and the tranquility of being alone that is taken for granted everyday was clear and achievable. BRING IT BACK TO DERESIEWICZ.

Interesting study of the effects of social isolation:



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