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Natalie  Melendez

TH 5PM  – 02/23



   The End of Solitude complains of the electronic age exterminating the appreciation for separateness, asserting the Postmodernism era is incapable of being alone. FULL NAME? Deresiewicz is correct; there is clear addiction to outside attachment. The dependency on media I realized hours into the blackout was repulsive. I deleted all temptation off my mobile and found myself cheating into finding entertainment through messaging constantly or trying to find interest in the stocks application. My eagerness for new data ran through constant intervals, literally itching to be fed fresh information every hour, habituated to inclusion.

I currently work at Courtyard Marriott, aimed towards professional guests. Part of my job includes handing newspapers and making the front page a topic of conversation. Difficulty came from refraining reading daily news and finding another check-in process. During the hours of my shifts, I’d mute the television news in the lobby and couldn’t attend my marketing meetings that spoke of the news for the morning. A big part of my everyday job, vanished.

Deresiewicz values modern technology’s advances, it’s SPELLING practicality and ability to bring like-minded people together. But, he describes isolation as a spiritual experience reserved for few and sees the need for attention coming from wanting to be known, not an attempt to understand others. Over the 48-hours, there was a demand to broadcast what I was doing. I tried a new restaurant over the weekend and for the first time enjoyed a meal before waiting minutes posting my location. It was a yearning to see outside personal space rather than to simply communicate to a larger swath of humanity. For those reasons, the author will justify the use of social media.

He draws a distinction between idleness and boredom. Idleness is a state in which human beings can find themselves, a refuge from the need to be kept distracted for Deresiewicz. World-weariness is overcome by being idle, it’s not entailed by boredom, depending on a person’s state of mind. During the media shutdown, my actions were sluggish, hungry for the constant notifications flashing on my timelines. I agonized through laziness. I forced myself to the bookstore, finding the way through street signs and awkwardly looked through the aisles alone without the security of a telephone in my hand. Embarrassingly, I couldn’t stand in line at ease fearing being judged in the store unaccompanied. GOOD.

Solitude and loneliness ARE analogous for Deresiewicz, believing their association confuses a state of being that puts yourself in the situation of not being able to enjoy the latter for fear of the former. IT NEEDS ONE MORE SENTENCE TYING THE SENTENCE TO YOUR EXPERIENCES….


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