Before I began my journey of 48 hours without connection to the news, social media or radio, I thought I was going to have such a tough time since I mostly live on the internet. I did begin by deleting all my social media, news apps and blocked YouTube. During my time disconnected from the world of news and social media, I did feel myself reaching for my phone and looking to see what I can do on it. I began to play more Clash of Clans and other games. I work every day and I didn’t really feel anything during the time at work since its always busy and I have something to do. I think this is why I didn’t feel alone or solitude, I made my mind busy with work. I have a big family also its seven of us I didn’t feel the need to go and feel accepted on social media. The only thing that I did feel wanting to do was to keep up with the celebrity news.

During my time, away from social media, I felt better I didn’t feel disconnected I noticed myself feeling less stressed out. I listened to music from my iPod. I did have to warn everyone in my family so they made sure not to tell me anything that was happening. I don’t think being connected to the news or social media is important or any information that I do need in my everyday life. Social media does take away from living your life I feel that it does take away from you just sitting and thinking without social media bothering you. I noticed that I also spent more time with my family and I did not have a distraction and gave them all my attention and actually listened to them. I did notice me working harder at work and just talking more to my coworkers. I didn’t notice how much of my time was wasted on social media and how unproductive it is to everyday life.

Being alone in the sense of being disconnected from social media was not as bad, I liked being able to just live my life without the stress of wanting to know what is going on in the world and just living a simple life. I did this experiment over the weekend and it is something I might do again just to see if it is possible. Society makes you feel like you have to be connected to everyone and to know what is going on everywhere and it just so much static. It does interfere with everyday life, it makes you not even live your life since we are busy watching and reading about everyone else’s life we don’t live ours to the fullest and in turn waste our life away. Life should be lived in the moment and not in other people’s moments on social media or the news. Being connected to the world is important but it is more important to live your own life and not be engulfed with the world’s news.




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