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In William Deresiewicz’s article, “The End of Solitude” he describes how today’s technology has made it so that people are unable to be truly alone. “Technology is taking away our privacy and our concentration, but it is also taking away our ability to be alone…,” said Deresiewicz. Being so dependent on social media and not having the access makes everything harder to obtain information, normally rely on to make decisions. This generation of youngsters are so contingent DEPENDENT ON  with social media such as Facebook, Twitter and social media apps is because we mostly obtain information such as the weather, politics and entertainment. AWKWARD SENTENCE.

The anxiousness and boredom of ignoring all types of communication made me go back to my old routines. Since the evolution of social media, I’ve gone with years not reading a book. “The Notebook” happens to be my personal favorite. Going back, reading the material, and having alone time or being anti-social, not having no form of communication, made the occasion relaxing. Made me realize that reading is fundamental and you become a better, smarter individual. FRAGMENT This particular-event reminded me how pure is to just to ignore and forget the whole world and be in your own world. No interruptions. Just you and the whole world giving you a peaceful state of mind.

Throughout the essay he describes many people who have benefited either socially, physically or spiritually. The stress of being a college student makes it hard for me to keep a well-balanced schedule. These past two days made me realize how unhealthy I’ve become. Going back to a workout gym and trying get back into having a well fit body open the doors for me, realizing I need to back and maintain a healthy diet and fit body. SUBJECT? Felt amazing to go back to the gym and burn all those carbs, starting to drink detoxed water and visioning the body I once had.

William Deresiewicz also mentions that and argues that being alone should be an essential part of a person’s life, and everybody should strive to achieve that a moment of solitude at least once in their lives. I agree with his argument. On a positive note, these past two days being so independent with social media and news sources made me apprehend how, in fact, Deresiewicz’s argument is correct. I felt free from a world that’s rapidly moving. A free person who learned he’s more important than anyone.

But of course, there’s always cons on any situations. Being so independent on any news source and social media was an eye opener, but living in a city that its weather is so unpredictable made me go berserk. I’m an individual that always checks up weather news source to find what’s the day going to be like. Without any news source, I’ve been soaking wet and manage to be the whole day. Yes, we must be solitude at least once in our lives, but we must also have access to our daily needs. I felt I’ve gained well mattered qualifications like becoming a reader again, but I should balance it. I believe there should be a time where you need to be anti-social and have some time for yourself. As well use the evolution of technology and find your news source, weather or political, to understand what’s going on the world.


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