48-hour news blackout

Given that I don’t usually seek out the news and it comes to me through various social media channels, I would say I wasn’t deeply affected from the two day news isolation. However, what the isolation did is make me more aware of how much news I do get through social media, which in my case is not a lot unless it is an important or controversial issue. If it is an important issue, my accounts are saturated with the same thing over and over again which isn’t beneficial because the other news I do receive is overshadowed.

With February being a hectic month for me, I was too preoccupied working on several group projects and studying for exams and midterms to worry about the news and social media as a whole. Although I do like to know what is going on around me, under the circumstances I was in I wasn’t worried about the news as much and was more worried about my grades. Under any other circumstance, I would be anxious about not knowing anything because I would be uninvolved and like to engage in conversations about what I am reading online. As a positive side note, I will say that I was glad to have had two Trump free news days, which constantly pop up on my feed.

As for not being able to check the weather, it did delay the time it took me to get ready. I could more or less determine how the day was going to be by looking outside in the morning, but with Miami being so unpredictable I could not be 100% sure about the weather. With my successful day one weather prediction I wasn’t worried about the next day, but sure enough on day two it rained in the middle of the day and I was unprepared.

Being isolated from the news for two days made me realize that I take it for granted and brush it off when I see it on social media. I need to be more informed and not just rely on what passes by me as I aimlessly scroll through social media and need to actively seek out more news. Also, relying on social media for my news updates isn’t the smartest thing because people emotionally attach themselves to the news and I can be influenced by that. Without the news I am not only uniformed but have a disadvantage over the people who are constantly expanding their knowledge through the news.

Natasha Ramirez Team 16






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