48-hour news blackout

Brenda Mayorga

IDS 3309


The blackout from the news has taken the FULL NAME Deresiewicz approach of solitude on me. There wasn’t a fear of being alone, but rather the fear of feeling alone. There was no actual feeling of solitude. I was never completely alone because of all the other apps on my phone that kept me company when I wasn’t around people. Solitude isn’t possible anymore unless you are fully committed to withstand from technology. I am not able to stay away from technology for a full 48 hours. Therefore, I was never in complete solitude. Anxiety wasn’t a feeling I experienced from the disconnection of all news. The news isn’t a majority of what millennials check daily. If I were to disconnect from all the apps on my phone, then I would start to feel solitude and isolation.

In regards to connectivity and celebrity being ways to becoming known, I see that through social media. Instagram and snapchat are ways to avoid solidarity. Instagram or snapchat aren’t mediums media to finding out current news for me. They are how I connect to people when I’m not interacting with them in person. I wasn’t alone because I was still able to see what others were doing throughout the day through snapchat even if I didn’t submit any posts. It didn’t allow me to lose my sense of relevance. It promotes a sense of being involved without having to make the effort to build real friendships. USE THE ESSAY TO FRAME THE RESPONSES.

Being connected to the news is almost unavoidable because it’s usually playing in most schools, restaurants and even offices. I’m not the kind of person to check the news daily, although I should, and I prefer to hear a straight-to-the-point summary of current events. If my friends or family weren’t staying informed of the news, and I was in a blackout then I would see how I used to take the news for granted.

Not having the choice to check the news puts me in a forced solitude that secludes me globally.  Faux social media apps can help me stay connected worldwide because I can follow people or be friends with others who are located across the world and even internationally. If I were to be blacked out from all apps, including faux ones, then I would first fear missing out on the activities of other people’s lives. However, given a certain time I would find a calmness in disconnecting from technology. Living in solitude isn’t very polite, as Deresiewicz says, but those who find it must not be afraid of it. I am not afraid of solitude but if given the choice to be isolated or not, I would rather not be. Disconnecting from the news isn’t being isolated. GOOD — THIS COULD’VE SERVED AS YOUR TOPI SENTENCE.


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