48 Hour News Blackout

There are many issues that arise when it comes to to the overuse of the internet and cellphones, but it does provide us many convenient ways of receiving the latest news. It extremely important to be in the loop when it comes to whats going on around you. There are so many platforms to learn the latest news that it makes it hard to avoid seeing. News spreads to different media platforms extremely fast and it really is everywhere around you. Even when refraining from watching or reading any news, I really had to force myself to keep scrolling or look away from certain tv channels, websites and social media during my 48 hours.

News itself should be objective hence leaving it up to the reader to interpret on their own making it an action of solidarity. RUN-ON SENTENCE Reading a paper newspaper might give a moment of solitude to the reader, but if the reader is accessing the news through an article someone linked to Facebook, it no longer will provide a moment of solitude. By reading the Facebook linked news article you will encounter biased comments and arguments about the article and it becomes a discussion rather than your own personal thoughts. RELEVANCE?

It is one thing to be alone and be on the internet engaging other people, but to be alone and actually be alone is something that many rarely take part in anymore. During my 48 hours I tried to fight my urges to pick up my phone and explore the internet and I was overtaken by anxiety. I felt as if I was going to miss out on something, regardless if it was an important news alert about a terrorist attack or simply a picture posted from an irrelevant socialite. I needed to be in the loop on the latest things going on.

I think part of the reason why we feel the need to be attached to our phones stems from when people began linking relevance to presence on the internet. I have literally heard a friend say before, “Is she even still alive? She doesn’t even have an Instagram.” This sends the message that if you lack online activity, you are desolate making the idea of solitude seem extremely unappealing and even scary to many. The thought of being without access to the internet, the news or a cellphone in general would send many into a feeling of disconnection as it did to me during my 48 hours without news.



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