48 hour blackout-Lauren Garcia


Social media and the Internet are a huge factor in our lives so without it for even twenty minutes it feels like we are disconnected. Since the rave of social media occurred its skyrocketed to an unhealthy extreme. Our society is big on media and everyone cares so much about what people are doing every second of the day. According to William Deresiewicz’s The End of Solitude article, it is true that media has created a world for us that is all about people being attached to their phones and not caring about what is around them. I believe that social media has hindered many things for people in this generation because with iPhones, Facetime and all social media face to face communication has declined. Technology has hindered teenagers and young adults to experience solitude and everyone needs to go through solitude at one point in their lives. Deresiewicz is right about that solitude is disappearing as a social value and social idea because of the constant need for being on the Internet.

The assignment of the 48 hour blackout for me seems like a great exercise because I can get pretty attached to my phone at times due to group chats/friends and any news that is relevant at the time. When I started the blackout after rereading The End of Solitude it was a bit difficult but after a few hours it was like if I didn’t need to stare at my phone. I didn’t care if something happened because I rather talk with people fact to face then basically speak to a screen. Throughout this blackout I learned a few characteristics about myself that I do not need social media and constant updates to be who I am, I rather speak to people face to face, I started to read again but actually hardcover books not through an iPad. Throughout this process it also made me do homework quicker because I did not want to pick up my phone at all so I tried focusing to getting things done. I started it on Saturday so I did everything ahead of time for this week to come. The only thing that I did not like was that I could not see the weather so I just had to carry around an umbrella because i was not able to check the weather app.

I made it clear to my friends to please wait and tell me any news or gossip that they felt important to tell me about until Monday after my 48 blackout due to the class and they actually all respected my wishes. I believe that without social media for those 2 days I was able to accomplish partial solitude due to being able to know myself even better and actually have meaningful conversations with my family and friends. In other cases my friend in this class as well was having a lot of trouble not being attached to finding out the latest news so I tried helping her by saying, “We are hanging out the whole weekend together and I’m making sure you do not fail and let your need for your phone make you not be able to reach solitude.”BRING IT BACK TO DERESIEWICZ.  I was very happy to have been able to do this blackout because it was a very beneficial activity for myself and from now on I want to be less connected and live in the moment.



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