Solitude During Controversial Times

This time of solitude was supposed to make me feel anxious, or even confused by the fact that I didn’t know anything that was happening around me. Instead, the complete opposite took place. I felt happy, relieved even, that I was force to catch a break from all the madness, if I dare to call it so, that was happening. I had an excuse, so I didn’t feel guilty that I didn’t know President Trump had tried to reinstate the ban three times, or that the dean of FIU’s Law School got elected NOMINATED as Secretary of Labor, or that Venezuela’s’ Vice-president was added to the narcotics list of the DHS, something that may affect me and my Venezuelan immigrant family directly.

William Deresiewicz talks about how we become real to ourselves, through validation from others. I noticed that a way for me to validate my beliefs was through the news. These news find a way to tell me if my beliefs make any sense; or at least if the majority of people agree with me. In some sense, it reinstates or defies my thoughts. Without news, I am left alone to be the sole judge of my thinking. GOOD

During this time, I tried to analyze how much these news affect my everyday life, and I made a few realizations. Sometimes, being too informed can be overwhelming, especially if there’s not much you can do. So instead, this constant state of being informed takes a toll in my state of mind, dragging me down and making me wonder if I immigrated to a country to escape the same situations that are now happening in my new home. The mind does wonder when you are in a state of solitude.

In some way, the news finds a way to stay with me during the day, keeping my mind on the same topics, intruding on my solitude. It has happened to me before that every time I find myself alone, my mind goes to ponder on situations I can’t alter, that only wake a sense of worry in me.

It is true what Deresiewicz says, “Those who would find solitude must not be afraid to stand alone.” Sometimes that alone doesn’t refer to other people, but to our thoughts. It is quite remarkable what we discover about ourselves when we are left alone. To me, the news are thoughts that sometimes I wish I was oblivious of just so I would have an easier time finding my solitude, and with it, myself.

True to the matter is that living in a world without news just gives strength to ignorance that, in high numbers, can lead an entire country into despair.


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