Partial Solitude Immersion

After 48 hours of partial solitude, my thought remains mostly unchanged from before. Before the partial solitude submersion being disconnected from the news isn’t as intimidating as it seems. The most difficult part was not talking about the news. Usually the dinner conversation I have with my family is on the news or something usual we saw that day. After informing them of my assignment they avoided the topic of news until I was out of earshot.  Before the partial solitude submersion, the assignment seemed intimidating because I listen to the news often. In the car, NPR is set as a shortcut so I can easily switch between music and the news segments, on my social media I follow news websites and my friends are all very politically active, even my notifications consist mostly of news.

During the partial solitude, I decided to delete all my news applications for the duration and log out of any accounts that could be a potential news source. For two days, time passed as it normally would; no anxiety nor any sort of the symptoms FIRST NAME Deresiewicz wrote of in The End of Solitude. As I previously thought the notion of solitude depends on the interpretation. Today, it is true that complete solitude is hard to achieve, unless one was living as a hermit in some isolated area. However, it seems to me that my generation either sets time to immerse themselves in a solitude like state or find solitude in daily tasks. The philosophical contemplations that occur in true solitude can also occur in normal everyday tasks while I’m sweeping or shaving my legs. Even waiting for my next class I can spend this time in “solitude” or connect to other people. The notion of my generation being afraid of solitude is extremely exaggerated by Deresiewicz. INTERESTING. I WOULD HAVE MADE THIS SENTENCE YOUR THESDIS.

In my 48 hours disconnected from the news the only thought that occurred was that, one must be extremely wealthy or simply not care, for them to live in solitude. The news is important especially now because it provides information of what the current state of our world is. Given who our president is, if one isn’t extremely wealthy, they should be following the news closely. At any given moment millions of people who depend on the Affordable Healthcare Act for health insurance may suddenly find that they no longer have healthcare, transgendered populations are no longer protected or able to use the bathrooms that their gender may be transitioning to, and immigrants may find that they are being deported. So, unless one is extremely wealthy and can make all their problems disappear by throwing money at it, or uncaring about what their friends or family may have to go through everyone should be following the news closely. Perhaps in more peaceful times solitude can be a luxury that everyone can afford but until then my opinions remain unchanged. Deresiewicz’s depiction of solitude and how my generation must always be connected is extreme, and depends on the individual. Some may enjoy the small moments of solitude in their daily task while others simply enjoying having friends.


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