News Blackout

Lily Watters

February 23, 2017


Individual Assignment 5: 48-hour news blackout

Having immediate access to news can be beneficial to the reader for purposes such as creating social dialogue, debates, and resolution. However, some can debate that it can negatively affect the reader by relying on a social atmosphere to provide information. This 48-hour news blackout has taught me how anxious I can get without constantly hearing information from news platforms. During the first 24 hours without news, I noticed how my peers were trying to get me involved in conversation about what’s happening in the world and I felt left out. It’s crazy how much of our lives are impacted by news. Like Deresiewicz mentioned, our digital information in this day of age has almost eliminated any hope of being alone, and by doing so we depend on information to not feel lonely.

Without having had access to the news, I was unaware of the various events taking place, both locally and around the world. The news is more than just facts and information, it’s information we as humans depend on tremendously to an extent which can affect us positively or negatively. I make plans based on weather reports and without it I wasn’t able to figure out what to do this weekend– I was almost lost. Another example I witnessed the past 48 hours was the effect of traffic reports. I usually listen to Y100s traffic hour every day while I’m in the car. It informs me what highways are most congested, which lanes are blocked and if there’s a huge accident on I-95. Since I was unable to rely on that, I had to just play it by ear it and go the way I thought was best.

I believe the news is necessary because it helps develop thoughts as an individual. Important news like politics, terrorism, and environmental topics is the only news I want to hear about. Other information news like gossip about celebrities and others isn’t important to my everyday life and doesn’t affect me in any way. I see how in this day of age, being a celebrity is somewhat what everyone wants. I for instance, like to be connected and take photos of myself/daily life to share with my friends and family. I like feeling visible to my peers and recognized because it’s not a good feeling to be distant and not a “thought” to others. This is why I and everyone else is the world has some form of social media.

Friendliness is universal, like FULL NAME Deresiewicz says. We as humans depend on news, whether it’s weather, politics, sports, or even current events to have conversation with others. If in our lives we didn’t have the news, we would just be lonely human beings without anything in common to one another. Although I felt somewhat relieved from not hearing negative information from the news, I also know that I don’t like the feeling of solitude and not knowing what everyone’s talking about. Therefore, I have noticed that solitude cultivates the ability to stand back and observe life dispassionately, which makes me realize how information from the news is what not only myself relies on, but everyone around me as well.






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