News Blackout

After 48 hours of being disconnected from the world, I have gained interest in discovering how the world moved before its constantly connected state. After being disconnected from all news, I experienced a moment of constant peace. However, I also found myself questioning what global events where taking place within those 48 hours. For a moment, I imagined how ancient tribes must have lived their lives. They had no way of knowing what natural events were taking place across the world. It made me question, is this information viable to my life? Does it have an effect on the tasks I need to accomplish? It is complicated to answer.

The constant state of solitude made me realize a few important things. My main concern was identifying if the news has an impact on my every day life that I wasn’t previously aware of. Being disconnected from the news did not mean that my bills would disappear. It did not mean that I wouldn’t have to go to work. However, it did mean that I would have 48 hours to think freely without the media dictating how I should feel about something. In a way, this might have been my biggest realization. It made me question how the media places importance on current global events. As I spent 48 hours disconnected from the world, I felt free from external forces placing an importance on what I should or should not worry about.

I learned that the news is not important when it came time to make every day decisions, such as where to eat lunch or what clothes to wear for the day. However, I did realize its impact when it came to bigger decisions such as wondering what the weather would be like this weekend. SO, NEWS MATTERS FOR BASIC INFORMATION OR DAILY COPING I had no way of knowing that information. This is the same method of living that was familiar to people who lived in previous decades. Was their life filled with solitude? Or was it just lacking information because of technological advances, that we as a civilization get to enjoy nowadays? It made me realize that the constantly connected state we live in is a luxury. Someone from the 1700’s could have wished to experience a constantly connected world, where someone like myself wonders what a constantly disconnected civilization must have looked like.

In my personal experience, I found the news to be an intrusion. After 48 hours, did I miss being connected to the world? I sure did. However, was it important to my every day life? In some ways yes, but for the most part, it was not. I still had the same responsibilities, still had the same bills and still had the same free time I always have. My free time was filled with thinking what could be happening around the world. At the same time, I was out exercising, and I was free from any sort of external-thoughts. I felt mental solitude, but never a physical one. However, it made me realize that it was a mental solitude from a constantly connected world that had zero to little impact on my everyday life.




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